Reveal Glowing Summer Skin With A Body Polish At Natural Feeling Spa

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I have been frequenting Adina Diaz’s Natural Feeling Spa for the past year and I can say at this point that things are serious. We’re talking committed, head over heels, locking it down, ball and chain, my ride or die, putting a ring on it, matching couple t-shirts – committed! I’m sure there will be others on this spa journey of mine seeing as I’m a beauty blogger and all, but they’ll be Lil Kim and Natural Feeling Spa will be my Faith Evans. (LOL, sorry for the Biggie Smalls reference. It’s been on my mind since I saw that P. Diddy’s new documentary is coming out on Sunday streaming on Apple!)

My first experience at Natural Feeling Spa was with Adina’s herbal body detox wraps that took me on what can only be described as a spiritual journey! I was back shortly after for the facial to end all facials, which I describe in this review, “The Best Facial I’ve Had In Years.”

Adina will take you meticulously through a thoughtful, dedicated, complete mind body experience. You’ll walk out with your skin glowing, your spirit lifted and the ease of mind knowing all of the products she uses are nontoxic and made with natural, organic and wild crafted ingredients.

I’ve been getting regular facials at Natural Feeling Spa for some time now, but with summer upon us I opted to have my ugly winter skin polished away with a Glycolic Body Polish treatment, which began with a lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, cayenne shot and a glass of water to detox. (It should be noted that these little details are Adina’s signature. She’s not just about the treatment; its about prepping your body with a pre-treatment tonic/shot/water etc, doing the treatment and then providing post care, like a green juice, tea or water.) Once undressed and settled onto the warm bed, a mixture of lemongrass essential oils, corn meal, oatmeal, bamboo and glycolic acid buffed away my dull, dead skin. Meow Meow Tweet’s juniper mint and frankincense oils were massaged into my newly revealed silky skin and my scalp to release any tension; crystals with healing energies were placed on my chakras and in my palms; Tibetan energy bowls were chimed throughout; and by the time forty minutes was up I was a puddle of baby soft skin and radiant energy.

If you’re in Los Angeles or the surrounding area, do yourself a favor and book an appointment with Adina Diaz at Natural Feeling Spa. The treatments here are truly so special, you’ll want to put a ring on it.

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Natural Feeling Spa, 8042 W 3rd Street | Los Angeles, CA; M-F 10-7pm , Sat 10-6pm, Sunday closed;  90048, 1-(310)-770-7972, [email protected]

Written & Photographed by Amy Chang, founder + editor