There are moments in a beauty blogger’s life when you get the opportunity to test products that you otherwise would never be able to and all you can feel is gratitude. That’s how I felt testing these next products I’m going to review here. I’ve had the opportunity to test Susanne Kaufmann’s anti-aging Line A the past few months and it’s been such a treat because a) Susanne Kaufmann’s organic skincare is one of my favorite skincare brands (you guys know I never shut up about my love for her After Sun Gel!) and b) because these products are so decadent and expensive I honestly, never would have been able to afford to test out these products on my own. So, thank you to the lovely ladies at Karla Otto PR who sent me these products to test!

I tested out the Line A Day Cream, Line A Regenerative Face Cream (aka Night Cream), Line A Serum and the Line A Eye Cream. Unfortunately, the Day Cream irritated my PD, so I had to stop using it after the first night, but the others I’ve reviewed below.

Of them all the Line A Eye Cream and the Regenerative Face Cream are the stand outs for me! These items are hella expensive, but the results I saw with these two made me say — yes, those should be that price! 

Susanne Kaufmann’s Line A products use plant hyaluronic acid to hydrate the various layers of the skin; broccoli seed oil to nourish skin, which is rich in Vitamin A and contains the fatty acid called “arachidonic acid,” which is the second most abundant polyunsaturated fatty acid in the epidermis; and argan oil and shea butter to prevent trans-epidermal water loss, provide antioxidant support and seal in hydration.

But it’s the moth bean extract that is perhaps the potent ingredient here. I had a difficult time finding published studies from peer reviewed journals online about the skin benefits of moth bean, but according to various health news websites moth bean works similarly to synthetic retinol; it stimulates new collagen formation, cell turnover, firming and smoothing of skin.

Product: Susanne Kaufmann Eye Cream Line A

Best for: Dark circles, firming and fine lines

Pros: OBSESSED. This eye cream is liquid gold. I will will be savoring each drop until it’s gone. From the first application, I could feel the plant bioflavonoids firm the delicate skin around my eyes. But it was upon waking after the third or fourth night, that I almost screamed in jubilee! My dark under eye circles were almost completely gone! My under eye area was bright, firm and – glowing

And of course I love that all of Susanne Kaufmann’s line is organic; it’s one of the biggest pros for me. The line is made with high quality organic ingredients sourced from the Bregenzer Forest in Austria where her family hotel + spa is located. So you know you’re getting ingredients that are a) organic, b) unique ingredients that most other brands aren’t able to utilize and c) pure ingredients away from pollutants.

You only need a little bit and it does seem to last for a while. The price is still high, but out of all of these products, it feels the most appropriate. This product is a no brainer if you have sagging skin, fine lines and are dealing with under eye circles.

Cons: My only complaint is that I wish this product came in a sealed pump package. I’m always weary of products that come in open jars. It’s common sense now that products packaged this way are exposed to the elements and prone to oxidize faster. 

Texture: Dense lotion

Tip: This product does not absorb well if your skin is damp; best to apply on dry skin. And because it is in open jar format, there is the possibility of plunging your finger in and using more product than is necessary (which I unfortunately did one or two times). Try to tread lightly, dip your finger in superficially and use no more than a very very small pea size drop for BOTH EYES.

Price: $251 –

Product: Susanne Kaufmann Line A Regenerative Face Cream

Skin type: normal to dry

Best for: Mature skin 40s+

Pros: I really love the immediate visible results I saw with this cream. You can literally feel it tighten the skin as you rub it in and though I don’t have any wrinkles on my face, it did an insanely fast job of softening the lines on my neck. It ended up being a tad too rich for me to use every day on my face, so I ended up only using it when I was really dry on my face and using it nightly on my neck. 

Also, the jar seems to last a long time and you really only need a pea size of product to cover the entire face.

Cons: It’s very rich and very active, too much so for my sensitive skin especially my perioral dermatitis. I would not recommend this cream for highly sensitive skin or acne prone skin types based on my experiences. I think this cream is best for mature, normal – dry skin looking for increased firmness and softening of fine lines and wrinkles.

Texture: Thick lotion; more emollient than a cream, yet heavier than a traditional lotion.

Tip: This cream does not absorb well on damp skin. If you are using a toner or mist before applying this product, wait until it has almost completely absorbed (30-60sec), then massage in the cream.

Price: $250 –

Product: Susanne Kaufmann Intensive Power Serum Line A

Best for: Dry, mature, fine lines and lifting

Pros: This is a gorgeous serum! I was able to use it as a moisturizer since it’s so rich and nourishing. I noticed slight firming around my mouth. I have issues with deepening laugh lines and this serum helped to soften them, as well as plump up my skin!

Cons: The price. This is a very expensive serum, but a) organic is not cheap, so you’re paying for that and b) this serum produces results. I wouldn’t recommend this product for prevention unless you can afford it. I think this product is for the woman who is 40+ and is looking for something to correct deep lines. This serum reminds me of a cross between the Shiseido Bioperformance Lifting Serum (remember, I did used to work at the Shisedo counter! lol) and the Shiseido Future Solution Face Cream because it is so rich and made for mature skin – except the organic version.

Texture: Creamy lotion.

Tip: If you have normal to combination skin, I think this serum would work as a serum/moisturizer combo.

Price: $343 –

Written & Photographed by Amy Chang

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