Want luxury? Want Korean skincare technology? The History of Whoo might be what you’re looking for…

The History of Whoo or Whoo for short (pronounced “hoo” like the noise owls make) is one of the many Korean skincare brands that falls beneath the LG Household & Health Care umbrella. Founded in 2003, when the government asked LG to create a national luxury Korean skincare brand. LG accepted the undertaking and the result was a brand steeped in tradition.

At the brand’s core is the use of Eastern medicinal herbs to balance skin and encourage self-regeneration. The brand is formulated around a proprietary Gongjinbidan complex, a component that blends six components: deer antler velvet, angelica root, Japanese cornelian cherries, Siberian ginseng, asparagus root and wild thyme. Together they reportedly work to improve blood circulation, repair damaged cells, soothe, rejuvenate and brighten skin, as well as balance the body’s yin and yang.


(Image source: Drama Beans)

Even if you’re not a believer in traditional Eastern medicinal practices, it’s hard to deny the flawless complexions of Korean women and devoted Whoo users, including brand spokesperson, actress Lee Young Ae (pictured above).

The History of Whoo has various skincare lines for each concern:

  • Gongjinhyang (gold packaging) – anti-aging
  • Gongjinhyang Soo (pink packaging) – hydration
  • Gongjinhyang Seol (white packing) – whitening
  • Jinyulhyang (red packaging) – hormonal aging
  • Cheongidan (silver packing) – premium anti-aging
  • Hwanyu (royal purple packaging) – ultra luxury anti-aging

Feeling overwhelmed? The brand’s signature serum, Bichup Ja Saeng Essence, and the number one selling essence (aka serum) in the luxury category in Asia, could be a good place to start. Formulated with a more concentrated version of the Gongninbidan complex and plant placenta, this serum strengthens skin cells enabling self regeneration, and improves absorption of nutrients. The skin will appear detoxified, more radiant, plump and redness stemming from skin sensitivity reduced.

Photographed by Amy Chang


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