Whether you’ve made the transition to green beauty or are just dipping in your big toe, Vapour Organic Beauty needs to be on your radar. Launched in 2009, this brand presents products made with 100% natural and 70% organic ingredients; uses passive solar and wind power at their lab, warehouse and offices; avoids use of toxins in their formulations; and minimizes their carbon footprint by using recycled aluminum packaging. Basically, for those of you who get nightmares from the environmental effects and chemical ingredients of traditional makeup brands, you’ll be able to rest easy using Vapour Organic Beauty products. While you won’t get the high-def-instagram-selfie look with their makeup (if that’s what you’re going for..), you will get a dewy-just-walked-out-of-the-rainforest-I’m-not-wearing-any-makeup-but-I-actually-am glow. Sounds good to us. 

We wanted to tap into the essence of this earth goddess brand and reached out to co-founder and CEO of Vapour Organic Beauty, Krysia Boinis, to learn about her morning routine and how she cares for her skin.

Each morning brings the opportunity to co-create a new day.”

“I say ‘co-create’ because each day is created with the intensions, attitudes and actions we bring, as well as the pre-existing situations that we are presented with.

Upon rising each morning I consciously set an intension for ‘pure clarity’ for the day. To establish this I drink a glass of pure water with lemon juice or ginger (depending on the season). Drinking water, especially warm water, first thing in the morning can help flush the digestive system and rehydrate the body. 

I then walk out to the aviary through the vegetable garden to feed the chickens. This daily duty allows me a few precious minutes to be alone with the earthy energy, plants and animals, away from technology and the modern world. I breathe deeply taking in the cool mountain air and ground into the Earth’s energy (Also known as the Schumann Resonance, the Earth’s field has a frequency of ~7.8 Hz). This natural rhythm is also found in the human body and brain. It is inherent to functioning at our most efficient, sustainable, and coherent state and enhances our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

I exfoliate about every other day alternating physical exfoliation (Clairsonic) with chemical exfoliation (using natural hydroxyl acids from fruits like papaya), since exfoliation is the first step to fresh and radiant skin.

Then in the palm of my hand I mix a small amount of L-ascorbic acid powder (vitamin C) with a few drops of floral water (right now it’s calendula water from flowers from my garden) and massage it into my skin. Vitamin C degrades quickly when mixed with other ingredients so I prefer to mix it on the spot. And applied topically, it promotes collagen formation, diminishes the effects of free radicals, and helps maintain firm and youthful skin.

Next I apply Vapour’s Essence Restorative Treatment to deeply moisturize, nourish and feed my skin with seventeen of my favorite organic plant oils and algae extracts. Followed by Vapour’s Stratus Skin Perfecting Primer which further moisturizes and feeds my skin while also providing optical skin smoothing and illumination. Acting as the bridge between skin care and cosmetics. Last I apply Vapour’s Atmosphere Foundation to even out my skin.

Now I am ready to take on the challenges of the day when I take the time to set an intension, ground into the Earth and beautify my skin before heading out the door. These simple rituals serve me well and allow me to show up, be present, balanced and ready to ‘co-create’ the day.”

-as told to BOND EN AVANT
Image source: Vapour Beauty


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