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W3LL People was founded in 2008 by a former NARS makeup artist/instructor, a marketing expert and a dermatologist. Everything is made with natural and organic ingredients with their signature component being aloe that soothes, hydrates and nourishes the skin, while Known harmful toxins, like parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, and useless fillers have been left out.   

As a girl who loves the visceral experience of luxury makeup, I was a little hesitant when the W3LL People products arrived at my doorstep via their PR rep. The plastic packaging leaves much to be desired IMO, but I do love that the packaging is made from recycled materials and the price point is very reasonable; In 2016, the brand consciously made the decision to lower their price point by 30% in an effort to allow for more women to gain access to their green beauty products – love this! 

I had never tried any W3LL People products when their PR rep asked if they could send me some to try, but I’m always up for testing out nontoxic beauty. Clean ingredients are important to me, but performance is always a huge factor in determining if I will repurchase or recommend a product. Out of all of the W3LL People products I tested, there were some hits and some misses for me. Read on for my full review.


Product: Narcissist Foundation in fair golden

Review: Texturally, this foundation is very creamy from the castor oil, safflower oil and beeswax. It glides on the skin; blends well with my Sephora airbrush blender brush which I recommend, as finger blending looked a tad heavy; covers redness, but only moderately covers dark spots; and has a light feel.

It did seem to disappear by midday, so I would recommend keeping it in your bag for touching up areas, and definitely use a setting powder after applying.

Overall, I do prefer the Kjaer Weis foundation better, but I found this one to be quite similar to the more expensive Vapour Stick Foundation.

Tip: Store in a cool, dry place. I noticed after sitting in my warm bag, oil was released inside the cap and along the top layer of the product creating a messy appearance. 

Available here.


Product: Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer SPF 30

Review: I did not end up using this tinted SPF for any of these makeup looks pictured here. It’s quite thick and it gave me the dreaded white/gray cast to my skin from the zinc.

(If you’re looking for a great organic tinted SPF, the Marie Veronique one is still my favorite.)

Available here.


Product: Bio Correct Concealer in light

Review: This is one of my favorite products from W3LL People that I tried! It covers redness really well; brightens the under eye are; and has a very lightweight, slightly creamy, satin-y finish and smooth blendable texture. It even blends well on bare skin for when you don’t feel like wearing a full face of foundation.

Tip: Use the Sephora Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush with it for blending out areas underneath the eyes, nose creases or chin.

Available here.


Product: Bio Bronzer

Review: A little goes a long way with this creamy stick bronzer. It gives a beautiful glow that’s not muddy, but radiant, and it blends really well! Fingers worked fine for me, but I always use the Sephora Pro Airbrush blender brush.

I used it to define my cheeks, along my forehead and temples, and a little on my jawline. This is also one of my faves!

Tip: If you’re quite fair skinned, pat instead of rub the stick on your skin so you won’t deposit as much color.

Available here.


Product: Nudist Multi-Use Cream in Nude Berry

Review: LOVE this multi-use stick! The color is a subtle, sophisticated rose (not so much a berry – perhaps a pale raspberry) and it reminds me again of the Vapour multi-use sticks. I find this one to be a little creamier than the Vapour sticks and very easy to blend. The color is so flattering on the cheeks and the lips! Love, love, love this one!

Tip: Apply on the apples of the cheeks for a youthful glow, or along the cheekbones for a more sophisticated look. And pat, don’t glide the stick.

Available here.


Product: Bio Brightener Universal Glow

Review: While this is a very pretty, subtle highlighter, the pearl mica is a little too white on my yellow skin tone and it looks too noticeable. I prefer a highlighter that makes the skin look like it’s glowing from within. This appeared to sit on my skin and gave me the look of wearing makeup. For me, this is a pass.

Available here.


Product: Pro Blue & Black Expressionist Mascara

Review: These two mascaras have brushes that are great for defining and separating lashes. They coat a thin layer of product, which I think works well for people who have thick or long lashes naturally, but unfortunately for me with my almost nonexistent lashes, I need oomph power and these did not give me that.

Tip: I like to make my mascara work double duty. Sometimes I’ll use it as a liquid eyeliner on my waterline with a liner brush.

Available here.


Product: Expressionist Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Review: While I was a little befuddled when I opened up this eyeliner and it came out of a box twice its size, I do love it. It’s intensely dark, glides on well, and even makes for a great blended, messy smoky eye as pictured above.

Once dried, it doesn’t budge, but it comes off easily with micellar water.

Tip: Smudge it out for a smoky look!

Available here.


Product: Nudist Colorbalm in Coral

Review: Gorgeous color! Very flattering coral and I love how rich, creamy and hydrating this product feels. It’s decently pigmented more than a lip tint, but less than a traditional lipstick.

Tip: Makes for a great blush too! (I’m a weirdo who uses things for other than what they’re described for..)

Available here.

Written & Photographed by Amy Chang, founder + editor

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