Heir Atelier Face Primer REVIEW

heir atelier primer

Blurring imperfections, this is the name of the game when it comes to makeup – at least for me. Oh, how I long for the skin of my twenties. While I know that’ll never happen, I can at least fake it with a good foundation (Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation has been on heavy rotation) and an incredible primer which is where my latest obsession – Heir Atelier Face Primer – comes into play.

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with primers, they work by creating a barrier between the makeup and the skin preventing sweat and oil from causing the makeup to crease, wear and settle into pores and fine lines. They’re typically made up of polymers, silicones and waxes — ingredients capable of creating an impenetrable barrier. And also encouraging the makeup to adhere for long-lasting wear.

I’ve been weary of silicones for some time. There’s online chatter about them interfering with the skin’s ability to breathe, sweat and shed dead skin cells. Makes sense. BUT if you have sensitive skin, and you wear makeup daily, having a barrier between your skin and the makeup is what might be the difference between makeup caused breakouts and irritation. Which is exactly why I’ve come around to silicones. I notice when I use a silicone based primer before applying makeup, I have less redness around my mouth and almost zero breakouts from daily makeup wear.

The Heir Atelier Face Primer landed on my doorstep *gifted from the founder months ago, but I didn’t get around to testing it until recently. But it has quickly become a fave. Mixed with liquid foundation, it gives¬† my skin a gorgeous dewy glow, so good, I receive compliments on my makeup every time I wear it.


Product: Heir Atelier Face Primer

Best for: Sensitive skin

Skin type: Normal/Combination

How it works: This primer, like most, contains dimethicone (silicone) to give it an airy slip, BUT it also contains CAESALPINIA SPINOSA FRUIT EXTRACT which is a plant extract capable of creating a protective film between your skin and environmental toxins, like pollution.

It also contains sodium hyaluronate, which holds 1000xs it’s weight in water in the skin and an essential ingredient for keeping makeup looking good. *I once asked my celebrity makeup artist friend why you see cakey makeup at the end of the day and she told me, “Our skin is like a sponge. If it’s dry or dehydrated, it will try to suck moisture from whatever you put on it. If you haven’t adequately prepped the skin or given it enough hydration, it tries to suck the moisture out of your foundation which leaves people with a cakey look.”

Review: When a makeup product is created by a celebrity makeup artist, like this one is, I’m never shocked when their product delivers. They’ve been in the industry. They’ve seen it all. They know what looks good. And pro makeup artist, Kendra Richards, really delivered with this product.

I love mixing a pea size dollop with a pea size dollop of my Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation. It keeps my makeup looking dewy and in place all day long.

Scent: None

Tip: I’ve found this primer delivers the best look when mixed with foundation AND mixed with a liquidy foundation. I tried mixing it with thicker, more cream-like foundations and the results weren’t as good.

Price: $42 (use code bondenavant for 20% off at www.heiratelier.com )