The benefits of retinol without the irritation


Dermatologists and facialists alike agree – retinol (Vitamin A derivative) – is the best thing since sliced bread wearing yoga pants in public became acceptable. The benefits from daily use include increased cellular turnover for smooth even skin, upped collagen production boosting skin elasticity and plumpness, and lightening of hyper pigmentation. But it’s not for everyone. Retinol can cause irritation, redness, peeling and flaking (no such thing as perfect, right?). Maybe not. Sensitive skin girls (and boys) out there longing to tap into the anti-aging benefits of retinol may be able to now join the party with Dr. Perricone’s new line of OVM skin care. The line combines retinol with eggshell membranes; a powerful new ingredient found to be anti-inflammatory and increase wound healing. (One study done in South Korea found eggshell membranes capable of natural skin whitening, improved wound healing and natural UV-protection.) The synergistic pair offers all the benefits of retinol without the downsides.

With sensitive skin comes cautiousness. We get it. You’ve been burned before (probably, literally). So if you’re looking to dip your big toe into the sea of retinol products, we suggest trying our favorite from the OVM line – Dr. Perricone OVM Retinol Serum. The lightweight texture is perfect for all skin types and the gentle formula can be used nightly. You’ll wake up to a brighter more youthful you without the irritation.

Dr. Perricone OVM Serum, $155

Photographed by Amy Chang